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  • Global Hapkido Federation

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    The new way to HapKiDo

Our knowledge. Your benefit.

All people have “KI” or energy rooted in the breath. So, deep breathing exercises are a vital part of Hapkido. They make us stronger in body and spirit, helping to protect us not only from attackers but from poisonous thinking. In this way, Hapkido serves universal harmony.

Hapkido is your “KI”, all other peoples “KI”, the profound secrets of nature and the solid earth all in harmony. When you are able to achieve such a state, you can defend yourself against attack and even use your attacker’s power against him.

Hapkido is not just for the strong. Women, children and the elderly can also train because Hapkido is a natural martial art.

  • Hap : Together, Harmony of body and soul
  • Ki : Inner Strength
  • Do : Way, The way we learn

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